Scott Moomaw

Videographer; Post-Production; Animation; Voice.

All videos on this page were shot with a Sony HXR-NX80 Camcorder and/or Nikon 3500 DSLR, and edited using Adobe Creative Suite.

Illinois REALTORS® Celebrates 50 Years of Fair Housing
In April 2018, Illinois REALTORS® dedicated a Fair Housing monument outside of its Springfield headquarters at the future site of Bicentennial Plaza. The Association wanted to tell the story of how the idea for the monument came about, from initial design ideas up to its final installation.

Music provided by lynnepublishing / Pond5
Lincoln Home – 175th Anniversary
(from 2019)
As the 175th anniversary of President Abraham Lincoln purchasing his home at the corner of 8th and Jackson Streets approached, Illinois REALTORS® wanted to use the occasion as an opportunity to tie the story of home ownership to the American Dream. I interviewed historians Sam Wheeler and Tim Townsend to talk about what home ownership meant to a country lawyer in the 19th century.

Music by RobGD / Pond5 and musicinmind3 / Pond5
The Illinois REALTORS® Relief Foundation
(from 2017)
Illinois REALTORS® wanted to tell the story of how the association’s charitable work helps homeowners like Jason and Devan Gagliardo, whose home was severely damaged by the 2015 Coal City tornado.

Music by ThomPie / Pond5
and inspiringaudio / Pond5
REEF FUN-Raiser at Fall Business Meetings
A fun, news-type story highlighting one of the signature events of
Illinois REALTORS® annual Fall Business Meetings.
Legal Briefs, Episode 2
When Illinois REALTORS® was looking for a new, eye-grabbing way to share legal updates and information with its 50,000 members, I developed this series of animated shorts, teaching myself the ins and outs of vector animation in AfterEffects along the way.
Music by viminod / Pond5
Bicentennial Plaza
When Illinois REALTORS® was beginning the process of transforming a missing segment of Jackson Street, between 5th and 6th Streets, into a public plaza, I produced this video to show members and the public more about this partnership and what the Plaza means for Springfield. During editing, I taught myself how to work with 3D graphics in Adobe AfterEffects.
Music by inspiringaudio / Pond5